Providing a bespoke and fitting funeral service, to give your loved one a perfect send-off.

Chris has over 7 years experience of providing bespoke funeral services and eulogies for bereaved families. Chris will come along to meet you, sit with you and discuss your loved one’s life and recall your loved ones life highlights and then write a lovely Eulogy, which tells their life story. Chris has a particular knack of making the most out of any amusing or funny incidents as it is sometimes fitting to remember their life stories with a smile.
Chris will work closely with your Funeral Director to ensure a wonderful and uplifting service. Chris’s main aim is to give you the service you require, so if you need prayers, Hymns or no religious content whatsoever, he will cater to your needs and requirements.

Chris is a very popular and well used Minister. Approx 30% of the work he does is for people who have either, used him before, seen him before or have been recommended by people who have seen his services.

Chris has over 7 years experience and almost 1750 services under his belt.