F.D. References

References from Funeral Directors.

My Companies have used, Chris Henthorn on numerous occasions to deliver the funeral services on behalf of our clients.

Throughout these services, I have found Chris to be Loyal, prompt and above all, extremely professional in both dealing with my clients and in the way he delivers the service on the day of the funeral. He has the ability to make a sad day into a fitting and special day enabling the families to reflect in a positive way in celebrating their loved ones life,

I have also had many very positive words from my clients about the way which Chris deals with them, in a caring, compassionate and professional manner. They particularly like his delivery and the way he can easily inject humour to lighten the feeling in the chapel.

I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to any colleagues in the trade.

Darren M Clark CSTJ (Funeral Director) of Wild & Brierley (Oldham), T Collins (Oldham) & H Heywood (Failsworth).

When you first came into the office and introduced yourself, I felt very comfortable with you, you were smart and very easy to talk to.
As a funeral director it’s always a bit of a worry when you introduce a minister/celebrant to a family having not heard their services before, but I have to say I was more than pleased with how you were with the family. I have you used you lots of times since then and the feed back off all my families are fantastic. You are smart, punctual, very professional  and above all sincere and compassionate, which is what our job is all about, isn’t it. Thanks Chris for all you do, I will have no problem at all in recommending you to any of my clients or other funeral directors. “BRILLIANT CELEBRANT”

Kim Metcalf, Propriotor of Kim Metcalf Funeral Directors (Denton)

Chris Henthorn is in my opinion one of the best Professional Celebrants around. His experience and enthusiasm to do a good job shines through. As a Funeral Director I know that once I pass a families details onto Chris, they will be guided and looked after, this is so important to allow me to get on with other aspects of arrangements. I have families who I have kept in touch with over time and they always remember and ask after Chris. Nothing is ever to much trouble, a truly genuinely caring person.

Gary Burdette – Burdettes Family Funeral Directors.

After being in the funeral profession for over 38 years I have worked with many humanist celebrant. 
I make it my duty as a funeral director to remain inside the chapel throughout  all the services I I’m involved with. I have heard many celebrants officiate services with such empathy and respect for most of all with clarity, they have worked hard to collect the information for the eulogy from the relatives during there contact prior to the funeral day. 
In portraying  this information during the service is truly unique and I have seen how this  has been soothing and great comfort for the family to know, the celebrant had listened and took notes. Chris Henthorn is one of those individuals, a perfectionist you can see from his first contact and involvement with the bereaved families he has taken time to work on his eulogy  and made good choices in words and poems that he has selected. I would highly recommend Chris to any family who are looking to find a suitable celebrant to officiate a service for their departed love ones. You will not be disappointed.
Chris, has a great personality and this comes across in his address and eulogy. He gives the impression to the family that he is working for at the time, that he has known their deceased personally. A great attribute to hold as they feel at ease and they know that the tributes he is about to give to your departed family member will be accurate and will most certainly make you be proud of how you have given your final tribute / send off to the best of your ability by selecting Chris Henthorn. 

Michael Kennedy – Greater Manchester Funeral Services.