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          Member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

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My name is, Chris Henthorn. I am a professional Funeral Celebrant or Funeral Minister. I have over 7 years experience and have completed almost 1,750 funerals services

At this time, when a loved one has passed away, you have to think about a suitable and fitting send off. Your loved one deserves their life and times to be celebrated and remembered with sensitivity, affection and respect. It is nice to have a fitting eulogy written and delivered to honour their remarkable life.

If you prefer not to go down the religious route, your Funeral Director would have suggested the services of a professional Celebrant to compose for you a bespoke commemorative funeral service, which will tell the deceased life story with feeling and love.

I have been fully trained by the College of Celebrancy UK and I am registered with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. It is my job to compose a bespoke funeral service, which will recount your loved one’s life story with feeling, warmth and sometimes humour because it is nice to remember our loved ones with a smile.

I will make an appointment, at your convenience, to come along and visit you and other family members and will sit and listen to all the stories and facts and shared moments, which made up the life story of your departed loved one. I will then compose a suitable service to your family’s requirements. Prayers and hymns can be included as can suitable poems and readings. Alternatively, you can have the whole ceremony with no religious content at all. It is also possible for family members and friends to give fitting tributes. I will tell their life story in a beautiful and meaningful way and the whole ceremony will be dedicated 100% to their memory.

I operate to very high professional and ethical standards as I believe you deserve, at this painful and emotional time, the very best service available to make the funeral service a memorable one. I give you the chance to discuss what you would like on the day. The choices of timings,  service content, tributes, donations and other sensitive matters. On my visit, I will take you through the service from A to Z, taking away much of the stress.

I would be very privileged to be asked to conduct your service. I will work closely with the Funeral Director in a calm and reassuring manner to deliver an uplifting eulogy, appreciating the life of the person who has passed away.

If this is your chosen path, to remember and celebrate your loved ones life. Let your funeral director know and they will contact me. I will then speak to you to arrange a suitable appointment. I very much look forward to meeting you.